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Fodder beet Kyros
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Kyros is originally from Denmark.

It has a tankard shaped root with an average of 16 to 17 % dry matter content and gives very high yields of roots and plants with high digestibility.

The top has high sugar content and is easy to store as silage.

The cow consumes both the plant and the root.

Bulbous root is easy to extract from the ground by cows as it stand out. This makes almost 100 % of the roots are harvested. Other varieties present roots totally underground.

Kyros is an ideal source of forage for dairy farms or other farms that require high energy diet and digestibility.

Kyros thrives on a wide range of soils provinding that they are well drained and not acid.

Tolerates drought conditions so its potencial can be fully exploited on light land in dry areas also.

Kyros is rust leaf resistant.



Remolacha Forrajera Kyros