GAPP together with the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the UNR (“National University of the city of Rosario”) in the Third Meeting of the System of Farms of the AAPRESID (Argentine Association of Direct Sowing Farmers).

Last Tuesday August, 4th, GAPP took part of the “Third Meeting of the System of Farms” organized for the AAPRESID 2015 Conference and carried out in the field of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the UNR located in the city of Zavalla.

The total number of lectures given during the morning dealt with the importance of the Integrated Production System from different points of view: productive, economic, and, social.

Along the afternoon, we walked through the field of the Faculty to illustrate and show the results of crop rotation of ray grass subject to grazing and of soy that has been performed there for four years and which is controlled by different measurement methods.

This experience was developed not only by the Course on Animal Production of this Faculty, taught by the Agricultural Engineer Julio Galli and his collaborators, but also, by the Course on Soils, in all of which GAPP has been participating since the very beginning. This is a clear example of the multiple importance, as well as, of the interesting results reached through the Integrated Production Systems.

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