The Company

The Company

GAPP is a company devoted to providing quality forage seeds. Therefore, GAPP permanently works on the search for new alternatives to grasses, leguminous and summer crops that may adapt to producers’ various needs by assuring them higher meat and milk production based on pastoral farming.

GAPP was founded late 1999 and it has increased its commercial influence over the Pampean region through distributors located in such areas that always guarantee technical commitment and quality products.


Since December, 2004, GAPP has its very own plant located in Parque Industrial of Pergamino. This plant’s infrastructure is the suitable one to completely process seeds. The reception, cleaning, packaging, storage and delivery of goods take place in its very own facilities. The silage plant has a storage capacity of around six hundred tons.

It has two sheds: the processing of seeds in bulk is carried out in one of them; while, the other shed has a special isolation system which is used to store packaged seeds to be delivered later.