Compromise with the quality

Seed sources

Seeds traded by the company come from two major sources: local production and imports. The process of seed production is mainly performed through agreements entered into by third parties under GAPP’s supervision. The areas where it is developed are located in various agro-climatic regions.

Seed species under production, among others, are the following: annual rye grass, perennial rye grass, tall fescue, white clover, orchard grass, sorghum and forage soybean.

The main countries importing some of our varieties are: Australia, Chile, Denmark, New Zealand, Uruguay, USA.

Technology and innovation

Gapp is a leading company launching new technologies.

STP is a Technological Protection System which comprises a series of techniques introduced into each seed in order to protect and assure their development from the source. This extra-genetic technology provides different alternatives depending on the species which it is applied to. However, this technology essentially aims at facing biological adversities (plagues) and at offering better forage production.